Friday, January 9, 2009

Changing into a Commander Cody...

After much begging and cajoling by my son, I have decided to turn my Custom Clone Wars Obi-Wan into a Phase I Commander Cody.

Here is what I began with...the never-seen-on-screen Obi-Wan helmet.

I did notice a few things I had made mistakes on with this build. The eye slit is most noticeably not correct. So, after removing the obscenely bulky visor, I reworked the eyes.

There are also a lot of holes in the Hasbro helmet that needed to be filled. I used hot glue and strips of plastic as a backer and filled several places. The two main places on each side are seen the top of the cheek and at the back. I also sanded down the ridges on the voice changer buttons and filled that area as well. There are also several other cracks and seams that needed filling, too.

It took a while, but the dome finally came out smooth. I had to do several coats of filler in the dome seams, but it eventually paid off. I also decided to leave the small slits in the front of the mohawk for ventilation.

The Cody color, as much as I can tell, is a rusty orange color. Here are two shots of my custom blend orange color on the mohawk and the chin stripes.

The antenna in the second picture was a gift from a friend that worked out perfectly, and I reused the cordless mic base from the previous build as the ear cap.

Next up is still a work in progress. I decided to fabricate my own Clone Wars Phase I style commander visor. Once I get it like I want it, I will offer copies on my other blog since this will be specifically for the Hasbro helmet.

Stay tuned for more pictures as I finish this project for my little boy!